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Sight Words Leaf Game

It's sight words. It's leaves. It's the  Sight Word Leaf Game. Sounds creative, right?  For this game, we printed out the leaves, and threw them all over the floor.  Getting excited?  (For my preschooler who can't read a lick, I also printed out each word by itself and made it more of a matching game.)  I told them to find certain words, and when they did, they  raked   up  the leaves. We didn't have a toy rake. Just a regular old rake. I brushed off the dirt and spiderwebs, and made sure my girls didn't put any holes in the wall. If you're tight on space (or just don't want to get knocked in the head by a  rake wielding 4 year old) , it's still fun to collect the leaves in a pile or in a basket. That was that. And then my girls asked me to play it again. I'll consider that a success . So, I made black and white leaves as well as colored ones again. I used the first 2 dozen sight words on the Fry Sig

Autumn Bingo!

As much as I love Fall , when it comes, I always need a refresher course on indoor activities. Life is fun and summer games   until it's too cold to go to the pool or ride bikes. Then, let's face it. We've all forgotten how to get along in close quarters.  Hopefully, this Autumn Bingo will help us all have some  great indoor fun. I've made it in black and white for coloring and also one pre-colored. :) Each has 4 Bingo cards and a sheet of... Bingo possibilities? Anyone know what they're called?  Oh, well. Enjoy!

Apple Letters

I got a taste of Fall this week. And oh, how I loved it. So, get ready for a whole bunch of fall-ish things in the coming weeks because, let's be honest. I'm obsessed.  So, I made some more uppercase/lowercase letter matching which are a lot like my ice cream  letters. But who wants to eat ice cream when it's starting to get cold outside?  Ok. Me. I do...a lot.  Sigh. Anyway, while I started this blog as just black and white pages for your kids to color, I realized that sometimes, when you're making things for your kids, you want them to look nice . Especially if you want to reuse them. Maybe it's just me. Cause I'm OCD. And a little bit of a control freak. Either way, I have some already colored for you.  You're welcome.  Anyway, I hope you find a use for these. Enjoy!