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Book of Mormon Spot It

For Christmas, we received the game Spot It.  We have not stopped playing it. It's basically a matching game,  but...more fun. So, I decided I'd give a shot at making a Book of Mormon Spot It game . The way you play is this: Each player gets a card. You flip one card from the main deck into the middle, and you try to find the picture on that card that matches yours. When you find it, you yell out the name of the picture and add that card to your pile. The first person to find their match, wins the card. Flip over another card from the deck into the middle and continue until you've used all the cards. Whoever has the most cards at the end wins! Here is a "Glossary" so you know what each of the pictures is actually supposed to be. They each correspond with a scripture.  You can download a PDF of the game here . Enjoy! P.S. Want another Book of Mormon game to play? Check out  Book of Mormon Swap Blocks  too!