Apple Letters

I got a taste of Fall this week. And oh, how I loved it. So, get ready for a whole bunch of fall-ish things in the coming weeks because, let's be honest. I'm obsessed. 

So, I made some more uppercase/lowercase letter matching which are a lot like my ice cream letters. But who wants to eat ice cream when it's starting to get cold outside? 
Ok. Me. I do...a lot. 

Anyway, while I started this blog as just black and white pages for your kids to color, I realized that sometimes, when you're making things for your kids, you want them to look nice. Especially if you want to reuse them. Maybe it's just me. Cause I'm OCD. And a little bit of a control freak. Either way, I have some already colored for you. 
You're welcome. 

Anyway, I hope you find a use for these.


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