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Policeman Thank You Card

In keeping with the Thanksgiving spirit, I thought I'd post a thank you card for policemen.  I am truly grateful for all the people who sacrifice to make my life safer and better.  They should never go unappreciated.  So, bust out your crayons and go thank a policeman! :) Outside: You work hard each day to make sure we're ok, You protect all our homes and the places we play. You watch over our friends and our families too... Inside: I just wanted to say, "Thanks!"  For all that you do! *Just remember if you want this to print out right, you have to save the image/download it first. If you print straight from the blog it will be all off center and weird :S

Hippo Hat

So here's my first attempt at some sort of craft.  It seems a little random, but I'm part of a pre-school co-op and I was in charge of an 'H' lesson.  Since Hippo and Hat both start with H, I wanted to make a hippo hat.  Turns out, those are amazingly hard to find.  So, I made my own and just thought I'd share.  We actually used this as a pattern and made the hats out of foam sheets and googly eyes. Directions: 1. Color! (If you think it's boring because hippos are grey, they don't have to be!) 2. Cut out shapes 3. Attach the ears.  The ears can either just be glued on top or cut a v where the v's are and stick them through. 4. Glue on eyes 5. Fold the teeth on the dotted line and glue to the underside of the brim. 6. Punch out the holes near the back and use a piece of yarn to tie around your child's head. 7. You're done!  You're child is now a hippo.  Enjoy!