Sight Words Leaf Game

It's sight words. It's leaves. It's the 
Sight Word Leaf Game.
Sounds creative, right? 

For this game, we printed out the leaves, and threw them all over the floor. 
Getting excited? 
(For my preschooler who can't read a lick, I also printed out each word by itself and made it more of a matching game.) 
I told them to find certain words, and when they did,
they raked up the leaves.
We didn't have a toy rake. Just a regular old rake.
I brushed off the dirt and spiderwebs, and made sure my girls didn't put any holes in the wall.
If you're tight on space
(or just don't want to get knocked in the head by a rake wielding 4 year old),
it's still fun to collect the leaves in a pile or in a basket.

That was that. And then my girls asked me to play it again.
I'll consider that a success.

So, I made black and white leaves as well as colored ones again.
I used the first 2 dozen sight words on the Fry Sight Word List.
I also made a page with blank spaces so you can add in whatever words you want.
I laminated mine
(and by "laminated" I mean, "covered with clear contact paper"),
and I plan on using a dry erase marker to write words and
change them as the mood strikes.



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