Preschool Calendar

So, I saw this calendar at the store that I fell in love with, and decided I'd see what I could do to create my own.  This is where it took me.

I made these all into magnets out of the free ones I get from businesses all the time.  (just mod podge them and cut them out) I bought a dry erase board which will be my background, write "Today is..." on the top.  You can probably get where it goes from there.  There are tons of these kinds of calendars out in the world of expenditure, I'm just cheap.  So, if you're cheap like me, bust out your crayons and enjoy!  P.S.  You obviously don't just have to use them for a calendar, you can use them for whatever suits your fancy, just have fun :)
Yes, I know my clouds are red.  That's what you get when you let your 4 year old color them! :)


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