Sometimes I forget that people have little boys out there.  So, this one is for the boys.  Ok, not really.  My girls love trucks too.  Anyway, this is just like the letters, only you match the number with the number of dots.  (Yes, I know they're just circles, but after they're colored they'll be dots!) Plus, because some trucks have more than one bed, you can add the dots.  Three dots plus two dots goes with the number five truck.  Also, I know there are 12 trucks and 10 truck beds.  They look a little messy trying to fit them all on one page, but they're cute when they're cut out and colored.  So, bust out your crayons, and get counting. Enjoy!


  1. Oh! Fun. My son is the perfect age to start using this sorta thing. Thanks!

  2. Yea! I hope you guys have fun. It's good to know someone besides myself is using it ;)


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