Reading Charts

Getting my daughter to read books with me is so not an issue.  Getting her to try reading on her own, however, is.  She just thinks it's too hard to even try.  I asked a homeschooling lady I know with brilliant kids what I can do, and she told me to try reading charts.  She said that the kids obviously just recite the book from memory, but if they're pointing to the words and saying them, it will get easier and easier for them to learn.  So, we tried it once and it was awesome.  My little girl got a trip to the aquarium and learned to read a bunch of little words.  Rewards for both of us :)  Anyway, I thought I'd share some reading charts with you.  So bust out your crayons, stickers, and books and get reading


  1. I am so going to print one of these : ) On our last trip to the library we got some word bird books and Lina can "read" one of them already. She is so proud and I think that a couple of the words have stuck with her permenantly! But it does feel like frustrating hard work to her sometimes (she tells me she is just too little to do it) so perhaps a jazzy snazzy sticker chart will help it feel more fun : )


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